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Elements of construction


These furniture pieces are a custom metallic grid furniture piece combined with concrete stone, mostly for indoor use. (outdoor also possible, different coating )

These furnitures are hand build and sculpted by myself in the studio.  The metallic grid will be shaped and locked by welding the frames togheter. The metallic grid will be sandblasted, and powder-coated by a factory, the color can almost be any ral color there is. The grid’s are then protected for skrechtes and rust.


The concrete will be poured with the use of a sand mold and will be always connected to the grid. Ill cast the concrete around a shape so it will be hollow and therefor reduce some weight.

Materials :

Powder Coated, steel grid, ( Various ral colors) 


Wooden base for protection of surfaces. ( not visible)

Prodction time : 

6 to 7 weeks ( according to the studio's schedule ) 

Cabinets max depth is 45cm, 

Price information

Small size :  1500,- euro   sizes around 50cm height or width                 (shelves, sculptures, tiny side table)

Medium size :  2700,- euro.   max size 120cm height or width           ( coffee table, side table, sculptures ) 

Big sizes :  4800,-  Sizes around 2m height or width                              ( Big cabinets, dressoir,)

Prices are ex Vat, 

Shipping cost will be discussed. 

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