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Custom Grid furniture

These furnitures are hand build and sculpted by myself in my studio. After welding a construction with the metal grid. I cast concrete with the use of a sand mold trough the grid. To connect these to contrasting materials forever. 

Materials :

Powder Coated, steel grid, ( Various ral colors) 


Wooden base for protection of surfaces. ( not visible)

Prodction time : 

5 to 7 weeks ( according to the studio's schedule ) 

most cabinets are 45cm deep.

Price information

Small size :  1500,- euro   sizes around 50cm height or width                 (shelves, sculptures, tiny side table)

Medium size :  2700,- euro.   Sizes around 120cm height or width           ( coffee table, side table, sculptures ) 

Big sizes :  5300,-  Sizes around 2m height or width                              ( Big cabinets, dressoir,)

Prices are ex Vat, 

Shipping cost will be discussed. 

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