Prayers to Obsession

I  try  to  provoke  a  conversation  about  our  true  needs  as  human  beings.  With  Prayers  to  Obsession I  investigate  into  the absurdity  of  our  obsession  to  possess  stuff  and  to  consume. While  our  houses  are  filled  with  stuff  we  want  but  don’t  need,  I  believe  society  is  reaching  a  point  where  everyone  has  to start questioning  their  consumer  behaviour.    


With  Prayers  to  Obsession,  which  exposes  non-essential  stuff  kept  in  our  homes,  I  created  altars  that  give  an  absurdly exaggerated  platform  to  materialism  and  hope  the  audience  will  become  more  aware  of  their  true  needs.   




An altar for my sugar.

The world is over consuming sugar, Sugar used to be a rare and expensive material. Which we treated with respect, This althar for sugar, is to make a statement of the value of sugar. I want to provoke a conversation about our true needs that have expended to much.