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Small standing   Mirror

Wall Mirror

Standing Mirror


Due to the changes in lifestyle and working environment we spent more time inside. The sun has always been essential for our well-being and health. Sunlight triggers the production of hormones in our body, making us happy, productive, focused and ensuring a better sleep. The sun enters our homes through a window, but the occurrence of light is often limited by the position of the building or window itself. I created two objects highlighting the natural light in our houses.  First a series of sun reflecting mirror’s. Positioning these mirrors to the right spots reflects sunlight, to reach deeper into the living space. These mirrors give more natural light to our homes, not only raising our well-being but also reducing our electricity use. Every building or house has a very different income of natural light. That’s why I designed three different mirrors fitting the most common situations. The mirrors are all curved, these are shapes a result from my research in playing with reflection. The mirror creates new shapes of light in our house changing our normal interaction with daylight. Even on a cloudy day the sun gives enough reflection to mimic one light bulb.

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